We create solutions based on artificial intelligence, we can also help you with data analysis and integration into your infrastructure.

We approach each client individually and cooperate in a way that makes both parties happy.

We like agile development, why?
  • We're steering the project together,
  • you have constant control over the scope and the budget,
  • we meet regularly to discuss solutions,
  • you won't be surprised after months of work by an unsatisfactory result or a budget overrun,
  • we will not be surprised by a change request that makes us rebuild the whole application.


Do you have your own development team and lack AI competencies? Have you recently implemented an AI solution?

We can work with your development team and consult or develop pieces of code. This will add AI expertise to your team and remove the need for you to find your own AI specialist.

We can also teach your (not just development) team more about how the AI solution works, what to consider when configuring it and how to use it optimally.

Consultations and training sessions are always tailor-made. Regular and long-term collaboration, including for example the possibility to look into your code, has worked best for us and our clients.



You are the experts in your business, you know your GOALS. We can help you find out WHAT to change to get there.

We will find a solution suitable for your company. We can develop custom solution from scratch or we can use a third party solution, integrate and extend its capabilities.

Market research
  • Proof-of-concept project with several suppliers.
  • Design metrics to compare solutions and see how the solutions compare.
  • Identify which features are essential for your business.
  • Compare costs of the solutions to custom development cost.

Proof-of-concept project helps you make an informed decision. It can also help in the negotiation with the 3rd party vendor.

During the course of the implementation, we can work with your development team and communicate with the vendor to ensure that the product or service is used optimally and meets your needs.