We develop intelligent solutions for any type of business. We know where AI can help you effectively and long-term.

Conversational AI

We are able to bring life to chatbots and voicebots that handle thousands of interactions a day. We will design the architecture and help write conversational logic using artificial intelligence. We will program a chatbot or voicebot that will communicate with your customers.

Conversational AI


Do you have a team that collaborates on different projects? Do you need to optimize your schedule to meet your deadlines? Scheduling is a very challenging task even for a small team with several projects. We have developed a system that will generate the optimal assignment of tasks to team members based on many different criteria such as qualifications, time availability, project priority, even distribution of work, and personal preferences.

Workforce Planning


Automatic text generation

We can generate a text document based on several parameters and or we can write an abstract of a long text.

Classification of documents

Based on the document content, we can identify document categories and add tags to each document.


Stylometry unveils the slightest clues in a text. It can be used to look after mental health, detect fake reviews or fraudulent documents. We have also won awards for our authorship attribution system.